Observing Geoffrey Bawa's vision was completely gratifying....

Photographer Nick Watt records Sri Lanka’s fecund landscapes and Geoffrey Bawa’s evocative architecture with a practised eye….in his own words: “Sri Lanka is a truly exotic destination. Whilst slightly lost in time, aspects of the cuisine and architecture are currently influencing global food and design trends. Observing Geoffrey Bawa’s vision was completely gratifying, as his belief in merging modern indoor outdoor living is evident in much of what we see in design today in Australia. Like most genuine creatives, Bawa was streets ahead of his time. Visiting his home/office in Colombo is an experience like no other.

About the Photographer

Nick Watt

Nick Watt is a Sydney based photographer specialising in interiors, portraiture and botanics, alongside a plethora of travel commissions throughout Asia. Watt initially trained in Sydney then continued his work in London and New York for four years. His work captures Australia's top interior and landscape designers for magazines such as Belle and Vogue Living in Australia, Architectural Digest in China, Marie Claire, Maison Italia and Living Etc in Europe and the UK. His recent books include Garden Life and Hare + Klein.