This extraordinary home by Korean architect Moon Hoon had its genesis in the architect's collaborative sci-fi film.

Amsterdam’s beautifully considered architecture publication, Mark Magazine, recently featured Moon Hoon’s eccentric Wind House, designed in 2014 for an art collector and ophthalmologist on Korea’s Jeju Island. I spoke to Moon Hoon after seeing his presentation at the Asia Pacific Architecture Forum in Brisbane in February 2016. He discussed his love of drawing, filmmaking, science fiction and robots that all fed into the design that also nods to traditional Korean typologies. Most importantly, Moon Hoon is devoted to playfulness, and it is this enjoyment and imaginative abandonment that threads through and informs his work.

Here is my story as Mark Magazine has published it in Volume 62. [Images by Namgoong Sun]

“People think architecture is still and solid, but here I was making something that represents wind and reacts to it.”
“…a golden tower consisting of a sculptural steel form, plated in shimmering, diamond-shaped scales…”
“In the video Windy Dream, it is depicted as an alien birth exploding from the island’s volcanic rocks…”
The architecture of Jeju is “like a buffet — anything can happen really”